Zee 100 poster

A brief history...

This web site is a tribute to pirate radio station Zee 100.

Zee 100 broadcasted to Merseyside and beyond on the frequency of 105.1FM every Wednesday and Sunday during the early Nineties.
It was the first radio station on Merseyside to exclusively play dance
music and feature DJ’s mixing live on air.

Zee 100 was set up and run by Dale Cooper, Steve Morecroft and The Doctor. Other DJ's that featured on the station and helped with the day to day running included DJ Del, Cliff J, DJ Sys, Si Jackson, DJ Kaos, Brendan Mills, The Alchemist and DJ Suicide.

Zee 100 had a massive following which led to magazine interviews and listings, club sponsorship and even a feature on Channel 4 news. Unfortunately, with this success also came the unwanted attention of the authorities, and Zee 100 was finally silenced when it was raided by the Department of Trade and Industry for the final time on the 8th December 1993.

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